Trees Speak is available in paperback with beautiful full color pictures. For a copy of the ebook, click here.

You Can Make a Difference

You and everyone you know can do something to help heal the trees. We can all help heal ourselves as well as the planet for future generations. Through conscious living you can change the direction this planet is now heading.


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Trees Speak offers natural solutions that can calm not only your mind, but the minds of today’s youth. Guide them and give them direction to create a future with a healthy environment to heal


Trees Speak explores how:

  • Trees help you and future generations

  • Important trees are to the planet

  • Trees are affecting climate change and how you can help them

  • So many poets, writers, and leaders show their respect for trees

  • To prevent the destruction of trees

  • Planting and growing new trees helps heal the planet

  • You can make small changes in your lifestyle that can help heal the planet

“After reading “Trees Speak”, you will understand the importance of interconnection, of collaboration, and of the need to respect the trees and natural world that gives us our lives. Future generations depend on it!  A masterpiece!”

~Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez 14 year old Indigenous Environmental Activst, Youth Director of the Earth Guardians, and youngest of the Top 24 Under 24 Changemakers