Karen A Dombrowski-Sobel is an award winning photographic artist, born in Buffalo NY. She lived most of her life in New York City, working as an Interior Designer/Project Manager for large Retail Architectural firms, while creating art in the darkroom for relaxation. In 1990 she decided to devote all of her efforts to her art.

Trees became the focus of her photography and she spent much time in Central Park or away from the city in the Redwoods and with the Ancient Bristlecone Pines. She became aware of the devastation of the trees while on a year long trip around the country. When she and her husband, Wally settled in Tucson, AZ, she was divinely inspired to create “Trees Speak” as a way to arouse interest and love for trees, while finding a solution to the issues of climate change. She could not rest at night until she knew the book was on its way to being published.

Now living in Boulder, CO she is actively involved in environmental issues and speaking to youth about the importance of trees, and how our way of living affects all living things.